Mobile Devices CEO shares design sketch on

Sina Weibo

AXON_CEO sketch

[Photo caption: Image that ZTE Mobile Devices CEO, Adam Zeng, posted on Weibo last night]

Beijing, 24 May 2016 – A couple weeks ago, Adam Zeng, CEO of ZTE Mobile Devices, hinted that the next AXON flagship smartphone will

contain a 2K screen. And last night, he posted on Weibo what looks like a design sketch for this next generation. In the sketch, the next AXON sports an ultra-sleek and powerful design, featuring a smooth arc melded with lines that bring to mind a premium car’s aerodynamic flow. Additionally, it’s worth noting that in the sketch, the device is equipped with a black walnut body that may be comprised of advanced material – also something we

know from luxury sports car design.

It would make sense for ZTE Mobile Devices to partner with Designworks because the design studio is a daughter company of the BMW Group and its name is behind many iconic designs from trains to yachts to cars. Also, both ZTE and Designworks share a passion for melding the digital and the physical world to create unique premium user experiences.

In another clue indicating a high possibility that ZTE and Designworks might be cooperating, the sketch offers a design conjuring up images of a pocket-sized sports car, further fuelling speculation that this will

be another flagship product that ZTE uses to go after the high-end smartphone market.

Another point to note is that ZTE has an established European design centre in Germany, home to the company’s chief design officer, Hagan Fendler. Adam Zeng reminded us on Weibo of the merits of that specific National Industrial Design Centre in Düsseldorf, Germany, and this next device could continue its strong design tradition. The centre has produced thousands of designs so far, and devices that have won awards for the centre’s designs include the ZTE V880, GrandS and AXON first generation, among other highly successful mobile device models. These designs use ingeniously unique creativity to stand out from competitor devices.

If ZTE, with such a strong design tradition, is truly collaborating with Designworks, this new flagship Axon device is definitely a product worth all the anticipation.