Since 1975, the United Nations have officially sanctioned and sponsored International Women’s Day.
The theme for this year; Be Bold for Change – embodies strong, creative and successful women and this reflects on our very own leading lady, Madam Jane Chen, the CIO & CSO for ZTE Corporation and Chairperson for ZTEsoft.

At every level, whether on the field or at the desk, we have women championing the organization. This year, ZTE Malaysia will be featuring 8 Malaysian women throughout the month of March, who have turned their dreams into reality and paved the way to inspire others.

Part 1 of 8

The first woman to be featured in ZTE Malaysia’s International Women’s Day campaign is Edna Yeo, a Melbourne based Certified Quantity Surveyor working with MBMpl.


Edna Yeo

Melbourne based cilipadi Edna Yeo is a Certified Quantity Surveyor and current President of the Victoria & Tasmania Chapter of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyor. Being bold for change she was also part of the Events Committee VIC Chapter for National Association of Women in Construction. Also the quintessential Malaysian foodie, she comes back often to get her fix of her favourite comfort foods : Muar Otak- Otak, Sarawak Laksa, Penang Char Keoy Teow and pisang goreng just by Jalan Batai in KL even if it means packing her laptop or doing work on board. An avid traveller she has been lucky enough to travel the world in both her professional and personal capacity making her a true global citizen while paving the way for women in a male dominated industry.

What inspires you?

I draw a lot of inspiration in what I do from my job and surroundings. My career has primarily being focused on delivering projects for the Healthcare and Aged Care sector.  The sense of satisfaction in knowing that each project that I help deliver will benefit and impact positively on the community keeps me motivated and interested in what I do.

I also get inspired by success and challenges. Every little success, be it nailing a tender estimate, winning a new project or even something as simple as baking delicious banana bread gives me great joy in knowing I have done something right and it spurs me on.  On the flip side, if I do encounter a roadblock or faced with an adversity, I reset my thoughts, take some timeout if necessary and start again. It may take a few tries, but I move on with grit and perseverance.

Last but not least, I am greatly inspired by my dad. The fifth child out of seven, he grew up with little but gave a lot. I grew up experiencing how he took on the role of caring not only for his siblings but also their families. He is filial, loyal, very dependable and extremely optimistic. When the going gets tough, I get encouraged knowing I have a good role model to lean on and look up to.

What would you tell your 18 year old self?

Seriously, those bell bottom jeans, denim vest and Dr. Martens boots really didn’t look good on you. 

Learn to cook, my definition of one pot wonder really isn’t wonderful. 

Go on a rollercoaster and sky dive, unfortunately courage diminishes with age

Those friends around you now, cherish them. They will still be your closest and dearest friends even in your 30s. 

Do not sweat the small stuff and you will fail in a lot of things you do but it is okay because at 32, you are doing just fine!