With the recent launch of our next generation under-display camera in the ZTE Axon 30, it has managed to contribute something to the smartphone industry that is sure to get noticed. We are going to highlight some of the things that has gotten people excited so far with our second generation under-display camera smartphone:

New And Improved Selfie Technology

With the revision in our upgraded under-display camera technology in the ZTE Axon 30, we will certainly provide a fresh and greatly improved selfie experience as we evolved from the first generation to the second generation of under-display camera technology. The new lens has a sensor with four times the sensitivity, giving better light reception and a larger pixel size to give better sharpness in image quality, perfectly optimised for selfies.

Refined And Responsive Display

With our second generation under-display camera phone, the front camera is less visible than ever, the guys over at Pocket Lint had this to say“The under-display camera helps with allowing that screen to sing, too, as the second-generation technology is far improved over its first-gen guise”. This means that you can take full advantage of the full-screen 6.92 inch display with 400PPI pixel density and triple authenticated eye protection, so you can now enjoy games and watch movies with ultimate immersion. The not only looks good but responds good, with a 120hz refresh rate so you can be sure to have an unreal smooth experience.

Next Gen Performance

The ZTE Axon 30 also packs some real punch with Snapdragon 870. Get ready to receive a much higher level of performance than our previous generation phone with under-display camera, with a CPU up by 190% and a GPU up by 330%. Perfect for more muliti-tasking for shorter amounts of time. Pocket Lint also had this to say“from an internal hardware point of view there’s enough to get a thumbs up in general”.

Content Ready Cameras

There is more to the ZTE Axon 30 than just the front-camera, there are also professional quality cameras on the back of the phone too. With a 64MP Sony IMX683 Main Camera, 8MP 120° Super Wide Angle Lens, Macro Lens and Depth Lens. All equipped to provide the all in one photography experience and an arsenal of cinematic options when creating videos including HD Video, Multi-Camera Recording and Smart VLOG Short Video Templates.

Unmatched Affordability

With with phone that may have a few of these impressive features, you are expected to pay an extravagant amount of money. The ZTE Axon 30 kicks the trend of phones getting more expensive including brands like Apple and Samsung. By offering a far more approachable price at only $499, it gives you the true quality you would expect from a flagship for true value for money. Here is a video from sakitech that shows what kind of value you can get from this surprisingly affordable phone for the specs that you get.

Give It A Try Yourself

With such an attractive set of things to enjoy, the ZTE Axon 30 has something to enjoy for everyone. See for yourself and see what you like the most, you can read more about it on our product page.